Poetry #95: Remains A Mystery

Why this heart beats

The unseen threads joining the souls that meet

Flickers of embers in the flame of this heart

Who created the beauty of this godly chart?

Weaving it’s body through watery spheres

Why do we sense the feeling of shame?

How did we eventually relate to our name?

Universal intelligence remains a mystery

Questions remain about this life history

Why are we the main characters of our story?

Hypnotised by life’s tapestry

You are something wondrous the universe is expressing

Change comes through confessing

Such aching mystery hides

In your star dust glimmerimg eyes

Stories yet to be written

Too smitten

Loose the tunnel vision

Love lost and found

Rendering to ground

Taste the eternity

Look around at the numbness of modernity

Twisting and turning transient forms of infinity

As love makes me one with you.


Dropping the questions and answers

We find Brahman

Formless and without words

It is heard

A riddle lost

To a thought forgot.

~DiosRaw 07/02/21 10:30AM

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