Poetry #94: WordPress Censorship

Does anyone question the fact that

Any big company can pull the rug from beneath their feet?

Because of anything that doesn’t agree with their fleet?

All the work we pour into our blogs

Only to have the possibility of it all falling apart and entering fog

One day upon reading an email from WordPress

As to why they had blocked my liking fucntion on the reader for all the blogs I follow

They said I was a spam bot, not a real person

I asked how long the block on liking anything would be

They said indefinitely

My gut wrenched

To many it may seem silly

Maybe frilly

But to work for hours and nights

Creating a block on the lights

Building up a community of friends

And making your posts stick together at ends

Countless mornings writing posts

To find that you can’t appreciate by liking your friends notes

You can’t grow your blog as much as you’d like

As you know liking spreads a rippling effect out

So people can see who is about

They censored thee

Tried to shut me down

I felt suicidal

For all the work I have put into this

I continue on

But for “happiness engineers” here at WordPress

I messaged you how I felt, suicidal

To a reply that you will never answer my emails again

And to this day they haven’t

I’m left with making comments

So that people know i appreciate their work

But to big companies

Who can destory lives

But deleting and silencing what they don’t like

You are doing a dangerous act

That will come back to you one day

In the form of a teaching

Maybe you will be blocked with tape over your mouth from speaking

And you’ll realise at what a big mistake you made

To try and cancel speech you don’t like and put it in the shade.

~DiosRaw 06/02/21 10:03AM

16 thoughts on “Poetry #94: WordPress Censorship”

  1. dear dio,
    i guess it is because you post quite a lot per day, so the computer oder whoever, thinks, that cannot come from a real person, it must be a spambot. some people on my blog postet so many posts, that their comments were put into my spam automaticially, without me even noticing it. i gave the comments free, after i realized what had happened.
    i hope you will get some answers and explaination from wp.
    best regards and a hug from berlin.

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  2. It’s just a machine and thankfully they are not very clever yet . Diosraw keep smiling – like you said, love is the answer.

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  3. Hello there my friend,

    The WordPress email exchanges weren’t about the amount of posts published but focused on my liking of posts. They have blocked my liking function indefinitely because they call me a spam bot but I know it is to shut down the truth I speak on certain topics.

    Unfortunately, they said they will never answer my emails again and they haven’t.

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  4. How bizarre. If you were a machine you can write and post anything, but you cannot like anything. That’s so strange it’s hard to understand how they came to that conclusion. Keep going. I like what you’re doing!!!!!!

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  5. It is very strange and disturbing in a sense, freedom of speech and my ability to be able to be free to like something has been taken away with me being left not able to contact the site.. Thank you for your encouragement and support, I will definitely keep going, it’s only an experience after all. Much love Bryan. πŸ–€

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  6. Beautiful and raw piece Amber. No matter what, you are loved and appreciated by many!! Your work and YOU make WP a better place whether they realize it or not! I’m very lucky to have connected with you and WP can’t take away the magical experiences you’ve created, they will always be in your heart forever!! Love you friend πŸ–€πŸ€—

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  7. If I go to my posts there will appear at the bottom of the page a question mark ? If I click on that there will be a search option or a “contact us” option. I’ve used the contact us option before & allows you to chat with a real person. Let me know if that works 🌷

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