Poetry #93: We Drink The Poison Our Minds Pour

Sweet nectar

Tempted by your disguised sweet aura

Twisted plethora of poison

Thick dirt sets upon the earth

To give birth

To a world full of poison

I can’t breathe because of this sotty pollution

I can’t see because of the muffled air solution

Venom pours from some mouths

I can’t drink, this fluoride blocking the third eye and soul awakening expoused

I can’t think because of these deathly pills

Putting a bandaid over what is being over filled

Mouthpieces in the media spewing up life’s they tore

Food laced with pesticides, oh what I used to adore

Oceans that teemed with life before

Now leave death washing up on empty shores

Sealife choking on plastic


Coating itself with a nasty thick slime

You must learn to distinguish

Who will empty your existence and extinguish

Staining you with their poison

Albeit teaching you a reflection of yourself

And who – with their aura

Will enrich your soul

To begin the process of making it whole

Your poison seeps through the wounds and into the skin

Intoxicated, I took my time

Devouring slowly

Sipping the poison

As if it were the finest beverage

Poision swirls in the atmosphere

A fatal lesson man will learn

Not enough time before it all burns

But interestingly of all, we drink the poison our minds pour

And wonder why we feel so sick.

~DiosRaw 05/02/21 09:45AM

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