2 thoughts on “How Reptilians Highjacked The Matrix”

  1. The reptilian /dark energy grip was as stated in that article 99.9% up until. 2012, darkness had been beaten, there will be battles ,but we will never go back to them days. there .is now to much light pouring in. Interesting enough , as I have always stated, the new tools of spiritually & eseotric growth are us as individuals now having the ability, to .control our body cells & DNA , to heal, regenerate & reverse the aging process , by simply talking to ourselves & taking control, in effect telling our body we are the bias. Lol….In ending some of humanity will still succumb to the last vestiges of dark, but as stated in the article only by free choice can this happen .THE DARK old energy is deafeated but will not go down without a fight…do not fear, anything, grasp change & know light is victorious..I send you blessings in love & light💖. You are beautiful..GG

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