Soul Journal 03/02/21 #3: A Letter To A Shaman

《Soul》 Things are the same, if not getting worse. I am loosing my ability to walk due to the fibromyalgia and pharmaceuticals which are destroying my gut-lining and seemingly my body. Everyday is severe torture to move and my body is screaming at me with acid burning pain. I can’t sleep properly, I can’t talk properly (slurring words and not remembering words), I can’t move some days, I can’t walk very well and I might loose that, high anxiety, depression, trauma still lingers through the numbness of the pills, I can’t breathe properly, I have allergic reactions to more foods (I eat potato and a few other things) which is severely depressing, feel nothing, some other painful personal things.. I wish I wasn’t here but I know why, my mission to inspire people through my words is inspiring others, allowing them to be themselves. I don’t feel like I have long left here but I keep laughing and smiling.. that’s all I have left now to keep going. 《Soul》

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