Poetry #91: Ancient Herb

Drawing in the ancient herb

Consciousness taking dives and swerves

Life now has curves

Relief washes over the soul

Scrambling to make whole

This wonderful herb

So blissful and bright

Is accused without a trial or fair fight

Sinking in the inhale

The subconscious sometimes directs the sails

To sink into the ascend

Trying to make the psyche amend

Tiptoeing around the doubt

Drowning demons in the deep

They smoke so they sleep.

~DiosRaw 02/02/21 12:15PM

2 thoughts on “Poetry #91: Ancient Herb”

  1. lovely, “My subconscious sometimes directs the sails” I know that feeling, even things that don’t have anything in common start to show patterns!

    Btw Amber, I’ve emailed you a guest post. Please see to it when you have time. ~ Jay

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, exactly, well said. Patterns start showing yes. I appreciate your comment my friend.

    I saw the guest post, it wil be published today at 2PM UK time, in two hours. It’s beautiful, thank you so much. Feel free to guest post anytime. 🖤🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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