Spirituality #17: Four Main Types Of Mediumship

“There are four main types of mediumship:


You strongly sense the emotions and feelings of people, spirits, animals, and places. You feel these emotions both in your heart and in your body; you also feel the presence of spirits. If you have clairsentient abilities:
• You are very sensitive to your surroundings; you easily sense the vibe of a person or place.
• You have unexplainable physical or emotional reactions when you go to places where there are large crowds.
• Your emotions change suddenly when you are around people or when you arrive at a person’s home.
• You know what people are feeling without them telling you; you can empathize with people easily.
• You can feel the presence of spirits.
• When people are in pain, you can feel it in your own body.
• You use the words “I feel” when you are having conversations with others.
• You can taste and smell things from the spirit world.


Information comes to you spontaneously; you don’t doubt it and believe in your soul that it is 100 percent accurate. This information will either come in the form of figures and facts, or you just know the truth of a situation, a girlfriend/boyfriend, or a career path. If you have claircognizant abilities:
• You receive the answers to things and don’t understand how or where it came from.
• You have very inspirational, creative, and beneficial ideas.
• Your mind is never still; you are always coming up with a new idea, especially when you are working on a project.
• You automatically know when someone is telling the truth or not. You tend to use the words “I know” when having conversations with others.


You see things as images in your mind or as precognition in dreams before they manifest. If you have clairvoyant abilities:
• You constantly have very vivid dreams.
• Are very imaginative and spend a lot of time daydreaming.
• Always speak in metaphors.
• You can see shapes, colors, pictures, or objects when you close your eyes to sleep or during meditation.
• You see flashes of light, sparkly lights, or movements through the corners of your eyes.
• You often use the words “I see” when you are talking to others.


You hear messages either inside your mind or audibly. For the majority of people, these messages come in the form of telepathic communication, meaning that the spirits will have a conversation with you through your thoughts. You can have a conversation with the spirits and they will reply. If you have clairaudient traits:
• You listen more than you talk.
• You speak to plants and animals because you believe that they can communicate with you.
• You often feel as if you are the recipient of telepathic information.
• When you provide really helpful advice, you forget what you said straight away and wonder where you got such wise information.
• You often hear buzzing or ringing in your ears. You experience the same sensation in your ears just before they pop on an airplane.
• You use the words “I hear” when speaking to people.”

Source: https://thegalacticfederation.com/01-025?utm_content=12201032&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email

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