Soul Journal 08/01/20 #1: Caged Up Feelings & Perspective Altering

《Dear soul》~ Feeling caged up amongst these four walls during this lockdown 3.0 in the UK. However I am trying to work on changing my perspective about this situation. I’m using this time to go within myself and do the best I can with what I have; using this time to research and build up the knowledge library, build my blog and just be; whatever that means to me now. The world is a stage and stepping out of the three dimensional plane and finding my feet in the fifth dimension; seeing and rising above the drama and chaos. Life is painful but we carry on blessed soul on our mission here.《Soul》

6 thoughts on “Soul Journal 08/01/20 #1: Caged Up Feelings & Perspective Altering”

  1. I love this new project, so sorry for all you’re going through but, stay strong my friend! You got this, and with the help of your blog, you are fulfilling your purpose and your mission, give yourself some credit!! You and your work is appreciated by me and so many others!! Love you friend 💛🤗

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  2. We got to keep going! This blog is therapy to me, it’s a coping mechanism I must admit, but a great healthier one.. I learn so much being on here and I found you my dear friend! Thank you for your kind words. ❤🙏

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